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Portland Course Plotter


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Picked up a nifty "Portland Course Plotter" recently. It's a great tool tool for planning trips. Easy to read and simple to use. It's an awesome tool to use to teach others navigation skills due to it's size.

I was fortunate enough to find the Portland Plotter with a fist rate singlehanded 7"divider (shown in the pic) as a package deal.

Picture shows handheld compass for size comparison.

Purchased from American Nautical (Now ON SALE) http://www.amnautical.com/products/copy-of-portland-course-plotter-1#.VXmlous6aX0

Not meant to replace your handheld compasses while under way.

Check it out.



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This is an ashore planning tool I'm guessing. With all the electronic plotting software around it is easy to plan by staring at a screen and moving a mouse, but there is something very satisfying about playing with charts and simple tools. I think I need one of those for the home nav bag.

I confess I don't use it that much, but for on water use I find one of the square navigation protractors handy and somewhat more useful than the Nav-Aid product. Just another toy or tool to play/use.


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