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MITA on Meetup


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In the interesting news department, MITA has recently started a Meetup group. Apparently you can be a member of the group without being a MITA member, and it will be a forum for trips/events on the Maine Coast that are linked to MITA. I noticed a trip in the Chauncey Creek/Gerrish area for July 24th.

Ed Lawson

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I was one of the advisors when they first considered having a meetup presence. If I remember correctly one of the main reasons was to better control attendance and organization of their trips and cleanups.

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It's nice to finally see MITA on Meetup.

I met Doug Welch, Executive Director of MITA and Organizer of the MITA Meetup at a WFAAFFLOAT course a few months ago while NSPN was struggling with the possibility of adding a Meetup for Trips and Events. MITA had some kinks to work out prior to formally launching the site but now they look forward to gaining additional support from all those interested in interacting with MITA through this venue.

I urge you all to support MITA by joining their Meetup and partake in the activities and paddles they post.

Sea you on the Maine waters.


Edited by Doug
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