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USCG proposes changes to Woods Hole passage


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USCG will likely be redoing Woods Hole buoys and changing traffic pattern by this summer. Take a look at a map of the proposed buoy changes and the associated message.

On the surface, this doesn't seem to have much impact on kayakers. Topic D. (in the attached message) was clarified as requiring minimum vessel capabilities for transiting the length of the passage. It would not apply to out of channel travel and to those crossing the passage.

Rerouting traffic from Broadway to main passage should be good news for us paddlers, although I doubt that the proposed highlight (part B.) will have much of an impact in the short term.

As always, feel free to contact me for any details regarding kayaking Woods Hole passage.

WH With Changes.pdf

Woods Hole Passage-USCGmsg.docx

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Agree - for people just transiting the passage, it's no big deal. For the Woods Hole Park 'N Play crowd, it actually makes things a little bit easier, if it indeed reduces traffic in Broadway and reroutes it through main passage.

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Nav. buys will definitely change, but I don't see it affecting current timing. Woods Hole current is typically given at 'the Gut' (at the intersection of Broadway and main passage), which will not change.

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