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Holiday Party!


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Thanks to everyone who made the Holiday Party such a festive and pleasant affair.

The Gould Barn was decked out in fine fettle with holiday lights and decorations , and the food was, as always, excellent. I enjoyed catching up with friends , and the raffle doled out a lot of great kayak items and raised over $600 , which we will donate evenly between Maine Island Trail Association, Salem Sound Coastwatch, and Maine Coast Heritage Trust . Thanks to everyone who donated items that made the raffle such a success. I don't have all the names of those who donated, but there was serious kayak stuff (paddles, gear, etc) donated by Suz Hutchinson/Kokatat, Carl Ladd /Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures , John Carmody, and Charles River Canoe, and Kayak . Doug Mogill and Shari Gallant donated their beautiful framed artwork.

Special thanks to Pru and Janice for heading up the Holiday Party preparations and festivities, and MC'ing the official proceedings (no easy task with such an unruly bunch of revelers) , Cathy and others for setting up the raffle, and to everyone for making my Saturday night such a good time.

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I particularly appreciated the artwork donated by club members - not only by Shari and Doug, as Peter mentioned, but Nancy Priest as well. I hope this will become an annual tradition, and that more talented photographers, painters, and printmakers will participate. I know that the artwork raffles were among the most competitive, with many club members disappointed that they lost out. Hey, anyone can go to REI and purchase the other cool stuff that we raffled, but only three people went home with something completely original!

Thank you so much!


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