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BillyDuh....Composite hull deformation?


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Having had only one composite (a 2006 RomanyHV tank), before my present boat (2012 Tiderace XploreM G-core), I foolishly continued my habit of leaving the boat in J Racks on vehicle through most of the season. Sloth being my primary rational, as I paddle 2-3 times a week if not more and don't really have convenient storage.

First season went fine, but on giving the boat a scrub n wax this fall I discovered a small area of deformation where the hull rests on the forward J Rack- just fore of the skeg control. It's not real bad, and kinda gives the rounded shoulder a sort of Greenland chine in that area. Unfortunately, the deformed area meets right up with the deck seam, although the deck does not seem affected. It is still water tight.

So here's the question. Can and how would I remedy the problem?.... Or is it wiser to leave it alone and bear the scar or ignorance?

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