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Replacing the seat on my NDK Greenlander Pro?


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Hi everyone, I know this is a much discussed topic on the web, but I'm wondering if anyone here has done it and might have a few tips as well. I plan to remove the very uncomfortable stock seat on my older GP and replace it with an NDK foam seat (which they now come with anyway) Besides never having done this before, the major hassle I anticipate is figuring out how to attach the back band once the seat is removed. Perhaps just leave the fiberglass seat hanger on the sides and hope it is strong enough? Perhaps glass in some reinforcement? Is it best to just glue the new seat in, or would some velcro arrangement be better, to allow the seat to be moveable for and aft? Any thoughts or input is much appreciated!


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I have left several seat hangers in place and kept the stock backband in place. Backbands should (imo) never be too tight.

I have wedged foam between the hanger and the hull as part of the hip padding. Suggest using a hand saw and not a sawsall or power tool except maybe a dremmel.

Prefer custom seats that start out as a block of 2-3" foam about 16" wide by 20" long. Can sit for long time....no cramping.

Never was happy with a tractor pad.

Play with duct tape to get it right then glue in place with contact cement.

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