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  1. Hi Prudence I bought this P&H Sirius. Very nice but too tight cockpit. The deck lines are new and a new hatch cover. Ad last summer: P&H Sirius (size small) 17' touring kayak. Fiberglas and kevlar. Light, sleek, low profile. Cockpit opening width 15 1/2" Lots of life left in her, for the right paddler. Stored indoors except for one winter. This boat is used, but not used up. Could benefit from some TLC, but is seaworthy and intact. Last paddled June 8, 2021 1- One of the hatch covers needs to be replaced. 2- Hull has been repaired but it's solid and has been paddled plenty since then. 3- Could use new deck lines. Hope all goes well for you. And hope to see you on the water:)
  2. Hi Al I am very interested in your kayak. Could you please call me or text me? Thank you Sue 978-533-9335
  3. I am looking to buy a kayak. The one I bought last summer was too small unfortunately since I really liked it. Please let me know if you have a kayak for sale or know of one. Thank you Sue Henry (nspn name now is Sue Two) 978-533-9335 I am looking forward to seeing you all this summer at least on shore at the annual picnic and hopefully on the water:)
  4. Looks like a beautiful day Thank you for so many great Wednesday paddles. You all are the best! Have a great time I'll wave from Umass , taking my daughter back today. Sue
  5. Have a great paddle! Hope you are better soon Al . Sue
  6. Hi Jeffand All I can't go tomorrow. I am working but have been lucky to go so much. Thank you all. Have a wonderful paddle!🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️ Sue
  7. I'll be there too!! Thanks to Jeff bringing me a boat. I think I went to the same place last year but they called it Cape Ann. Anyway it was beautiful! See you all tomorrow! Sue
  8. I'll be there:) Jeff is bringing me a boat. See you at the parking lot on the left just past the 1A bridge. Sue PS. Jim are you going to be sculpting a castle?
  9. I'm adjusting fron L3 to L1 after paddling on Wednesday on the ocean for the first time this year. It was fun but I've forgotten a lot since last summer and need to get in better shape. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Happy to sightsee or practice. Sue PS Why is it called Riverhead? It is the end of Marblehead harbor right?
  10. I'm going!! Thank you Bob and Jim!! See you tomorrow Sue
  11. Does anyone have a kayak I could use for the solstice paddle? I would love to go.
  12. Hi Rob I can no longer message or email you on the site. Or reply to trips. Buy I can reply here so hope you will get it. I think maybe it is because my check is in the post office awaiting foot and hand processes? If you can't email me, you can text 978-533-9335. Thank you for all your work on the site and helping members like me. Sue
  13. It looks like a wonderful trip! I am enjoying your descriptions and hope to go on the Wenesday trips soon. Sue
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