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  1. I have counted more times than you can imagine to be sure we are twelve, plus other people have also counted. We are all counting Pam.
  2. Liz, I see you are not filled out on the Google sheet. I will write your information in if you can send it to me: cell number; boat type and color; car model, color, and license; emergency contact name and phone; email. Thanks. Troad
  3. Liz, Somehow I screwed up and you are not on my list. So you make a full twelve for a complete trip! I found your note that you will just pay me in August, which is fine, but that is where I went astray and just kept in touch with people who sent checks. Did you fill out the Google information sheet? If so I will find your email there. Otherwise, please send me your email address. There are three people who are not in NSPN going on the trip, so it could be good to switch to email. I am really glad you are coming, and glad your spot was reserved for you. Do you have accommodations in Ste-Rose for August 4? We need to be there then with our shuttle set already in order to get going before the afternoon winds. In case you don't have reservations yet try Camping de la Descente-des-Femmes at 418-675-2581 or the hostel at aventurerosedesvents.com 418-675-2625. I sincerely apologize for my grave error and am so glad that it looks like no great harm has been done as a result. Troad
  4. There are probably some small airports. Quebec City has an international airport, much smaller than Montreal.
  5. Hello Jeff, We still have one spot left. Not knowing what information you have gleaned from the message board or elsewhere, here I go: You can send a check for US $60 to me, Julia Richmond 86 Rang 8 Marston, QC G0Y 1G0 Canada with exta postage for Canada. That covers park and camping fees for four days, three nights, August 5-8. I have had my printer print and plasticize charts, a set of two recto-verso, of the trip for $14 each. I made eleven copies, but Sherry has four sets of charts that take up a lot more sheets, so I think she won't need mine. Sherry also made plasticized copies of the park map, available online, or in print by mail for $6, for everyone. In the event she has only eleven copies, I don't want one, so you can have mine. We need to be in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord by the night of August 4, having already set shuttle. We will discuss shuttle in a couple of weeks. The drive from Tadoussac to Ste-Rose is 1h20 each way. People can either set their own shuttle with other paddlers, or hire Ferme 5 Etoiles in Sacre-Coeur to drive their car to Tadoussac for $124 CND. (877-236-4551) For that, no reservations are necessary. They are on the way, about 20 km north of Tadoussac. Just stop on the way, leave a second set of keys, and fill out some papers. Tide charts are online from the Canadian government. Once you send me your email, I can send you the link. If you decide to do the trip, you can write your information in on the Google sheet, or send it to me: boat type and color; car type, color, license; cell phone; emergency contact person and phone; and email. I have guidebooks on mammals, reptiles and amphibians, whales and seals, wildflowers, and birds, that I will bring for group usage. I am still looking for something more than sketchy on geology and history. These are our campsites: Anse du Portage, Anse aux Ilets Rouges, and Pointe a la Passe-Pierre, all on the north shore. The GPS coordinates are on the Sepaq website. We will take out at the beach in the Baie du Tadoussac, for a total trip distance of 48 km. The cars will be parked at the Sepaq parking off Rte 138 not far from the ferry landing. There is a hiking trail connecting the take out to the parking, about 2 1/2 km. Dont forget you will cross an international border. Bring your passport and good behavior. Do not bring beer, wine, or alcohol (there is a small amount permitted), tobacco, firearms or other weapons including bear spray, more than 10000$ cash. Allow extra time for border crossing and for potentially high traffic flow from summer vacationers. You should reserve a campsite or room soon. Summer is short here up north. The ferry to Tadoussac is free, without reservations, and frequent. We have reports of an abundance of blackflies and mosquitos on the Saguenay. Campsites are equipped with perches to hang food away from bears. Campsites have no potable water. Water sources can dry up in the summer. You are aware this trip is rated intermediate for the first two days, and advanced for the second two days. Any other questions? Fire away. Troad
  6. Hello Beth, Thanks for your good wishes for our trip. I am glad to hear you had a good winter and to hear from you. If your calendar clears up, there is still one space left. All the best. Troad
  7. I havé stayed there before - it is a great spot, even if there are squirrels and mice running around. I don't want to use PayPal. Could I pay Maine Sport directly? Thanks, Troad
  8. I would like to sign up for this trip. Do I pay you through the PayPal link you provided? I can bring food for shared dinner. Troad
  9. I hopefully have set up a PM about this trip and we can continue the planning through that. Thanks Prudence for all your help.
  10. Prudence, I don't know what a PM is and can't see that I got one. Troad
  11. Hello Yong, I am glad to hear from you and will reserve a spot for you. Troad
  12. The exchange rate changes every day. What would be great is to have a commitment for the trip so I could have a list of names. There seems to be enough positive response for me to go ahead and book all twelve spots at each of three campsites for our dates. The day for me to reserve is either February 10 or 11. Oddly, there will be one hour on one of those days. I can find out which hour the week before. I can find the average exchange rate for that week and report the amount in USD. Currently $109 CND would be about $90 USD according to a quote from CIBC last week. I can't get the prime rate available on Bank of Canada site. I will also find out if there are additional taxes and fees.
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