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  1. I use Collinite No. 476 Super Doublecoat Auto Wax which you can get on Amazon. I tried using the Starbrite Marine Polish with PTFE but never liked how it went on. I don't think anyone waxes their kayak for safety reasons, but to keep ocean/lake grime from building up, I find these work very well, especially the Collinite. I race, so I wax my boat regularly. It's more a ritual than anything else.
  2. Anyone have any favorite surfski podcasts they'd like to share? (I may have gone over to the dark side, but I do still have a kayak)
  3. I plan on joining at Chebacco tonight as well. Rain or, well, rain!
  4. Hello NSPN, I am headed back from a kayak-free business trip to Miami, but wanted to share a last-minute trip my friend is making. He is going to be departing from Tuck's Point at 4PM tonight to paddle the course for the Misery Challenge race tomorrow. He's coming up from CT and would love any company he can get. He'll be in an orange 1970's Nordkapp! Like mine, only older. Looking forward to Chebacco next week! thanks, Ryan
  5. Hi guys! I am new. I was hoping to head over tonight as well, so I am glad to read that there will be someone else there to flip me back over. See you soon.
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