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  1. Looks like a great day. Count me in. Thanks for organizing Prudence
  2. Like new. Women’s XL. Selling because I don’t wear it and I have too much stuff. They at $99 new. As kind $35
  3. JaneC

    Gear Lab Greenland Paddle

    Yes it is the Akiak
  4. JaneC

    Gear Lab Greenland Paddle

    Buying a new one with a different blade configuration
  5. Gear Lab paddle - 210cm - mostly used as a spare and spent time on my deck - does have scratch marks $275.00
  6. JaneC

    Free booties size 9

    I’d be interested in these and if they don’t fit with my dry suit I’ll repost
  7. Melissa i would be very interested in learning and playing in currents in my kayak. Jane
  8. I was planning on coming but am concerned about the weather so skipping is a viable option as both Bill and I have to drive a ways and I would hate to get there and have it start to strom
  9. I’m planning on going. I desperately need to work on my roll
  10. Wish I could join you but, alas, I will be in Lubec. Enjoy your paddle
  11. JaneC

    Malaga Island 7-5-2019

    Seven of us met on at the Bethal Point Launch for a, designed to be, leisurely 12 mile paddle to Malaga Island. A most remarkable day; as in there was virtually NO wind. We left Bethal Point and headed to the Basin on an incoming tide. We saw lots of boiling fish that I presume were menhaden. Also saw a few seals and heard splashing around so we stopped to watch. And, much to our surprise we saw a seal breach. None of us had ever seen anything like it so we hung around and watched it happen several more times. Then on into the Basin with a nice push form the tide. Not so on the way out as not only was the tide against us but the only wind of the day was too. From the Basin we headed into the breeze and tide for Malaga and lunch I spotted these mushrooms and we saw this eagle. And, we saw our seal friend again. After lunch we headed to Yarmouth Island and had a favorable tide to go through the cut. So rare in Maine, flat calm sea where usually you at least get rollers from the Gulf of Maine - no sea - not wind= hot padding Anyway, it was a great day, planned as a L2 and conditions were such that it could have almost been an L1
  12. JaneC

    Solstice L3 Group - June 22

    I’ll be there and can help out with in any capacity needed
  13. JaneC

    Walden today

    No one has signed up on the colander for today. Since that a new system just wondering if anyone is going. Also maybe no one signed up because of the weather. Supposed to be rainy by the PM I’ll go if anyone else wants to go
  14. JaneC

    Saturday, May 25 Odiorne to Rye Harbor Round Trip

    I’d love to come if you still have room.