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  1. I’ll be there. Not sure what you mean by the state launch
  2. I would also add that the water is cold even in the middle of the summer so depending on the day and how Far East you are paddling dry suits are in order (especially in the Lubec area)
  3. Zone forecast for Saturday is S winds 15 to 20 kt, becoming SW 10-15kt - gusts to 25 kts -seas 2-4-ft. I plan to cancel this trip as I do not feel comfortable with that much weather. Please feel free to plan something amongst yourselves
  4. The long range forecast, as of today indicates that it is going to be a nice, somewhat sunny day with mild temperatures AND a lots of WIND. 13-18 mph. That’s too much for me for my first day out. Any thoughts?
  5. I am wondering if there is any interest amongst those that cannot attend the Easter Bunny Plunge on Easter Sunday in joining me in a pre Easter Bunny Plunge on Saturday April 16. Time and place to be determined once we have a better handle on weather, etc. You must have the following:- Food and a hot beverage- Drysuit with proper footwear and appropriate under layers (if you don't have a drysuit, inquire about borrowing or renting)- Neoprene cap or hood- Neoprene gloves or poggies- Wool or fleece hat- Wool or fleece gloves or mittens- Down or synthetic insulated jacket that fits over your PFDIf you have the following, you should also bring them:- Storm cag- Warm outer pant layer (worn at launch to unload and pack boat)- Spare under-layers (in case your primary set gets wet)- Padding to sit on (camp chair, carpet square, piece of foam, etc)- Hypo kit (various items to help deal with hypothermia for yourself and/or others)- Group shelter Please see the Easter Bunny Plunge posting for details I may have missed
  6. oh, didn't know and I get that this event was originally on Easter Sunday. Just disappointed I can't attend
  7. Wish you were doing this the day before Easter as we have done before. Family obligations keep me from attending on Easter Sunday. Hope you all have fun
  8. I prefer this but have to get my act together for a New Year’s Eve dinner. I will do my best
  9. Jim i would like to attend jane
  10. This trip is officially canceled as we don’t have enough committed and more importantly my back has gone south and I need to limit my paddling for the time being
  11. I find leaving very early Saturday morning is the best time to travel - Sunday is even better as its right smack dab in the middle of the weekend
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