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  1. josko

    BBC 2018

    Mel is - fast sea kayak division.
  2. Technically, a paddle is a surface-piercing hydrofoil, but airfoil and foil are both close enough, although 'airfoil' implies compressible flows.
  3. I paddle a 215 Ikelos/Cyprus and my mid-wing seems to have settled on 214 in calm weather to 212 in rough. 60 degree feather, same as on Euro-blade.
  4. I can tell you what little I know. I'm used to paddling with a Cyprus the first month of the season and then switching to an Ikelos - guarding my elbow tendons, which seem to cause trouble if I start off too fast. On my timed paddles (around Elizabeths) I was spinning out the small-mid Epic; the mid-wing seemed to be just a tad larger (elbow-strain-wise) than the Ikelos. With Euro blades, I paddle my Taran rudder-up most of the time; in fact dropping the rudder slows my times a tad. With a wing, it's the opposite. I loose time if the rudder's up. I think it's because with a wing blade, I need to concentrate on power delivery. An occasional sweep/edge just slows the boat down. I gain about .2 kts with the rudder down. (Not sure if you know about hydrodynamics, but a lifting foil captures the leading vortex and releases the tail vortex. On the catch, you should see a SINGLE vortex, unlike the two a Euro-blade sheds. If you see two, it's stalling, i.e. not acting as a lifting foil, and all advantage is lost. You have to concentrate initially to get used to this - it's best if someone paddles just behind you yelling out the number of vortices they see in each paddle 'puddle'. Many local paddlers are routinely shedding the leading vortex at the catch, i.e., they are not getting ANY of the wing blade's advantages, while seeing all the disadvantages. They may be used to it, 'good at it', fast, or whatever, but two vortices at the catch + no lift. FWIW, I CAN get the Ikelos to shed one vortex, but only in flat conditions with minimal power delivery - I find it a great exercise.) Anyway, back to paddling. I noticed when I need to steer the boat, I start to shed the second vortex. I'm getting better at it, but have a ways to go before I can do it in conditions.
  5. josko

    Best rack for a VW golf wagen

    I have a Smartwagen with 50" Thule racks. It carries three NDK's on J-bars, no problem, although the middle one is easier to load with two people and needs to be tied down before the outside boats are put on.
  6. Monday, come prepared for a downwind surfing run from Woods Hole to Bourne bridge. It's a 12 mile run with a halfway bailout point. Meet at Pie at 9, and we'll have to do a car spot.
  7. Any other NSPN folks coming to the Gales? It's be fun to meet up. I'll be there Wed. - Sunday.
  8. Sunday looks like a demanding 5* tiderace day. If wind direction is anything E of SSW, we'll have ample playtime at Great Ledge tiderace in the morning, but the height of the day will be Nobska lighthouse tiderace from 1300-1600. It'll run ~4 kts and could get quite big. On the good side, we're < 1/4 mile from shore, there is a nice, safe eddy to rest up in, and there are smaller, less ambitious sections only a few hundred yards away.Solid combat roll and a willingness to look out for your mates, please.
  9. Looks like we have a good, solid group, primarily from RICKA. Saturday forecast winds are light S, so I propose we focus on current technique. We'll warm up with ~3-4 kts of current in the morning, take a short paddle or long lunch during noontime slack tide, and then work an area with 6+ kts in the afternoon. Most intensive part of the day will occur between 1 and 3. This is a park/n play event; daily distance < 8 miles, so bring whatever boat you like for current. I'll see you at the Pie; please be ready to go (leave the Pie) by 9.Water temp is 66; I'll be wearing a dry top. Helmets, please. Please RSVP here if you're thinking of coming Saturday. I'll put up similar posts for Sunday and Monday later.
  10. Come check out Woods Hole during a prime spring tide. We'll be meeting at 9 at Pie in the Sky bakery each day and paddling current, tiderace or maybe even downwind surfing. This is also a good chance to meet some RICKA paddlers. (Please expect 6-8 knot flows and 3-4 knot tideraces, i.e. NSPN lvl 4.) I'd like to offer my home to NSPN members; there are three guest bedrooms, couple couches, finished basement, etc. Please let me know if you'd like to stay over, and I'll do my best to accommodate all. I'll also find us all something to eat after paddling each day. Noontime slacks offer a chance to set up two events per day. What we do will depend on winds, but we'll likely spend afternoon ebb flows in Woods Hole passage; it's great training for the big Maine reversing falls. Please rsvp here if you're thinking of attending, and contact me via p.m. if you'd like a place to stay.
  11. josko

    Wind speed-what 15kt looks like

    Most people tend to overestimate light winds and small seas, and underestimate high winds and large seas. My personal threshold is ~40 kts and ~15' seas. I just consciously have to adjust what my mind is telling me for wind speed (and sea height).
  12. josko

    Monomoy cut

    I start with ensuring favorable current at Pollock rip (note it floods eastwards). In June, Minimoy channel was viable, but it's safer to go up to Stage Harbor light and then follow the beach east. There's now a new cut right at Chatham light. Just looked at Google earth, and it seems reasonably current. p.m. me for more details. I'd be interested in joining you.
  13. josko

    Sea kayaker numbers

    Glad I was able to help you out. Unfortunately AMC's paddling outreach got mired in club 'politics' and petered out (in Boston, anyway). I've been looking for an alternate venue to contribute my time since.