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  1. Would anybody know of a reputable car shutttle service that could take a car from Bar Harbor to Lubec next week?
  2. I'd love to show you what a canoe can do in a place like Woods Hole passage.
  3. There's a continuing decrease of interest in touring sea kayaks. I used to see groups almost every weekend around the Elizaeths; saw one last year, nd none so far this year. Theere's a thread somewhere here on the decrease in sea kayaker numbers.
  4. Sorry, I referenced an older (Admiralty) chart 5011. It's on p.28, #12 of the current edition: http://saillavie.co.il/wp-content/uploads/securepdfs/2020/05/Chart-5011.pdf
  5. Olympic 1 km kayak sprint is close to 10mph, marathon closer to 8 mph:
  6. Am I the only one who finds ticks at Jewell are outrageously thick this year?
  7. 👍 Let me know if I can help; I'd be glad to drive up.
  8. Just looking up at the sky can be helpful, too. I make it a point to ask folks on the water about the weather, environment, etc, and am a bit dismayed at how often they pull out their cellphone to answer questions like 'Which way is current going now?', or 'Is that thunderhead likely to hit us?'
  9. Tie a ~10' loop in your towline and slip it over the coaming.
  10. It's worth checking/replacing the current bungee cord and skeg/sliding washers.
  11. I find this an excellent forward stroke tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqXIF4ToUcE&t=1867s althogh it's targeting intermediate paddlers. Oh, and I have a world of respect for James Stevenson.
  12. Peapods were built to tend lobster pots.
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