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  1. IMHO, compared to an Explorer, a Surf feels tubby but more maneuverable. It's also at least a 1/2 knot slower than the Explorer with comparable effort. Handier in very shorrt confused chop, but harder to surf downwind and in larger tideraces.
  2. My Kokatat (2012 Meridian) dry suit leaks in more places than not. It's time to send it back. I've heard that Kokatat's gotten quite 'difficult' wrt warranty repairs. Has anyone been through the proceduree recently, and how did it work out? Just curious what I'm up against.
  3. FWIW, I took an unplanned dunk at almost the same spot yesterday (3/30). Things worked, and boat was moving again in less than a minute, but my monitor recorded an amazing heart rate jump during the event.
  4. Thanks folks; it looks like I've got some foam carving in my future. What do people find as the optimal width of the foam backrest?
  5. Where do you get 3" bulkhead blocks?
  6. Thought about replacing my backrest with a foam block, thinking it would allow more rotation (since support is just a few inches on either side of the spine), but I'm having trouble finding them for sale. Does anybody know a link that has back foam blocks for sale? If not, what kind/thickness of foam shold I think of getting to cut out my own? Has anybody tried them out, and how do they compare to backbands?
  7. Guess the government doesn't want us to know which way the wind is blowing.
  8. It's amazing how much paddling gear is out of stock nationwide! Who bought up all this stuff? On a related topic, what do folks carry in their leader PFDs?
  9. Here's to starting another seson: https://activities.outdoors.org/search/index.cfm/action/details/id/124285&act=15
  10. Safest thing is to not paddle at all... especially in winter. But people should be allowed to set their own risk thresholds.
  11. Here's a note from a Woods Hole friend, an excellent paddler. There are lesons here for all of us: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. When that happens, finding our way back to the put-in will be the least of our problems.
  13. Who's got a good supply of 'our type' of PFD's locally? I need to get a leader/rescue one and a low volume one for fitness paddling and would like to try out as many as I can. CRCK didn't have much in stock. FWIW, I'm on Cape Cod. Failing that, what are folks' favorites for a group leader PFD and for fitness paddling?
  14. Faye Dangelo and I are waiting for a weather window to go paddle Monomoy, hopefully later this month (2/21). Let us know if you'd like to be included on the email list. Entrance to Pleasant bay has changed significantly, and the gap to Monomoy is still pretty wide.
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