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  1. Kevlar is notoriously slippery in cleats. Is this stuff any different?
  2. You can splice thin line into one the right size for the cleat. West Marine can do it for you if you don't do splices.
  3. And Goose Cove Resort went uspcale. Way, way upscale: https://aragostamaine.com/about/
  4. If you're in Northern New England, John Carmody comes highly recommended: seacliffkayakers.com. In South New England, Greg Paquin is also widely recommended: kayakwaveology.com IMHO, there's a lot of novice/wannabe coaches locally, with folks getting a mixed bag of experiences. Some caution in coach-picking is advised.
  5. josko

    Downwinder 8/16

    Calculated max HR is 165, so >148 for 90 mins is right up there. Forrest Horton and I are egging each other into downwinders. It's working out great. Agree that downwinders look just like HIIT's. Paddle, eat, sleep, fix body, fix boat, repeat... Life doesn't get much better.
  6. josko

    Downwinder 8/16

    Here's my pulse for the first serious downwinder in the V10 (Saturday) . Stayed upright, though. A little more in control today in a Taran:
  7. josko

    Downwinder 8/16

    Trip is now full.
  8. josko

    Downwinder 8/16

    There's room for one on an ambitious (L5) downwind surfing trip in Nantucket sound tomorrow. Please contact me by this evening if interested. Prior wind-wave surfing experience expected.
  9. Maybe slightly off-topic but in Southern New England, a scary number of formerly public-access places have gone to residents only, using Covid as justification. One can only hope they go back to public access after the pandemic, but I doubt that will happen.
  10. Got a close look at a sandbar shark yesterday. Clearly longer than my paddle, maybe 250# or so. Really cool animal.
  11. josko


    I've also found that tape on the shaft takes away from paddle 'responsiveness' and adds blisters. I do try to wash both hands and paddle if I think there are traces of oils on either.
  12. Is there any indication of when Maine's test-or-quarantine requirement for MA might be lifted?
  13. josko


    Huge thanks to Matt Drayer for an impromptu surfski lesson this morning.
  14. Whitetips scare the living daylights out of me.
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