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  1. Vineyard Sound is forecast to be in its' full 5* glory on Sunday (7/23) with a spring afternoon ebb against a strong SW seabreeze. I expect to launch from Woods Hole ~1000, catch the last of the flood over to West Chop (MV), play the Middle Ground tiderace, and eventually surf down back to Woods Hole. Please let me know if you'd like to join me. Familiarity with tideraces, downwind surfing and some endurance would be a good idea. (I don't think this is an 'NSPN trip', so feel free to delete or move as appropriate.)
  2. I'm considering switching to a Stellar footplate. Could anybody who's paddled with both comment on the difference between a footplate and footpegs? Thanks in advance
  3. When do the sharks launch?
  4. An 'experienced' kayaker crossing from Westport to Cuttyhunk in a 99 lb, 12' sit-on-top? Alone, at night?
  5. Speaking of sprayskirts.... Both weekend days, after lengthy sessions in 'sporting' conditions, I'm noticing a gallon or two of water in the cockpit. Following up, we set up a kayak with a (snapdragon) spray skirt on the lawn, and directed a hose up along the hull towards the spray skirt connection. And sure enough, under the 'right' conditions, a considerable amount of water makes its' way past the spray skirt seal and into the cockpit. To reinforce that, I can occasionally feel little squirts of water, particularly when the coaming is submerged, also indicating water is making its way past the spray skirt seal. The skirt is very tight, about as tight as I'd want it. It seems the main leakage occurs along the fairly straight sides of the coaming, just ahead of the paddler's hips. I've tried this with both Reed and snapdragon Sprayskirts, with comparable results Is there anything I can do to minimize leakage across the sprayskirt-coaming 'seal'?
  6. FWIW, a new Taran (euro) seat completely solves my lower back issues. Would anyone know of a drop-in footplate for the Taran? Is there a local place that would stock and install it? (It seems that Onno has disappeared as a viable vendor of kayaking equipment.)
  7. I'm very happy with My Suunto Ambit. If it only had an accelerometer so I could get cadence without extra gizmos, it'd be perfect for me.
  8. I've got a bit of a late start (with summer conditioning), but am trying to do what I can to catch up. I've learned to protect my shoulders and elbows (chronic early-season sore spots) but seem to have issues with my ankles this year. It seems I'm (over?)working my ankles to push off the pegs, and they're quite sore and cramping up. I haven't experienced this before and am wondering if anyone else has. Boat's a Taran with stock footpegs - I realize that switching to a whole footplate or foamout might help, but I'm wondering what this is telling me about technique; I think it's a technique problem and want to fix it before moving to gear workarounds. Thanks in advance.
  9. FWIW, Jeff's mastery of Dutch Oven kayak camp cooking is amazing. If my post doesn't jinx it, you are in for one heck of a treat.
  10. I'm a little uncomfortable in this commercial column. Feel free to P M me.
  11. FWIW, I'm not making any money here - just trying to be helpful. Feel free to delete if inappropriate.
  12. I'm scouting the Croatia trip Sam and Carl Ladd are doing this Sept and want to say that those of you who are going will be very, very happy. There's finally a P&H dealer/center in Croatia, and trips they've set up are awesome. We've been paddling selected route sections. Boats are Scorpios, and guides are up to our standards.
  13. Would people come to Woods Hole for a fish-viewing-snorkel-rolling trip? Right now, there are 3 lb bluefish EVERYWHERE. In a month or so we should have our usual invasion of peanut bunker, and then a crop of Molas in the sound. I'd be glad to keep an eye on things and post a trip in prime fish-viewing season. For the slightly braver, we usually get a crop of basking sharks in the sound in late June, and for the brave-brave, I'd be glad to arrange a Monomoy trip with hopefully a close-up (inverted) look at a great white.
  14. I'm noticing fiberglass kayaks with pigments mixed in with resins. I'm familiar with pigmented gelcoats but always thought that mixing pigments with resin weakens the bond with fiberglass cloth. Does anybody know about the issue pigmenting resin, and does it reflect at all on laminate stiffness or quality?
  15. I get max ebb at the Race at 11:15? 2017-05-06 11:15 EDT -3.52 knots Max Ebb