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  1. josko

    5 islands Sunday June 15th.

    5 islands Maine? FWIW, we're checking out Nonamesset, Velteisten, Uncatena, Naushon and Devil's Foot islands (today, Saturday 6/15).
  2. josko

    Paddling Woods Hole

    FWIW, looks like tides and winds will allign just so in Woods Hole Friday and Sat (6/14-15). If interested in a tiderace or downwinder, shoot us a message. I'm taking Friday off. As always, we're glad to adjust trips to folks' comfort levels.
  3. josko

    Woods Hole, Sunday 6/30

    I'll still do the same trip both days - only difference is let me know if you're coming (instead of the AMC). We're still looking forward to hosting.
  4. josko

    Woods Hole, Sunday 6/30

    The 6/29 AMC trip is cancelled. I'll still be paddling both days that weekend, so feel free to p.m. me if you'd like to come down either/both days.
  5. Woods Hole tdes will be just right for a number of fun routes that day. Come prepared for a demanding day in 3+ knot currents, 3+' seas and hopefully 20 kts of wind. We might try to get out to Middle Ground tiderace, go around Naushon island, or, in the unlikely event the wind turns NE, we can have a park-n-play day in Woods Hole. (See attachments). I would call this an NSPN level 4 trip. On Saturday, 6/29, I'm running my annual AMC level 2 'Introduction to Woods Hole' trip, where we'll avoid anything strenuous, but still get a chance to play in 6+kt current, albeit in very controlled conditions. I'd call this NSPN level 2, except on one place we'll have a(n entirely avoidable) high current jet, and (tail)winds might pick up past 10 kts in the afternoon. Please let me know if planning to come to either trip, and p.m. me if you'd like a place to stay anytime that weekend. We have 4 guest bedrooms, plenty of sleeping bag space in the basement, and plenty of tenting space on the lawn. We'd be glad to feed y'all some local seafood. I think it's finally time to do this. Mel and I are loking forward to hosting.
  6. josko

    How can I PM a member?

    That's exactly what I'm trying to do - won't let me.
  7. josko

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Prob'ly best to take this to separate email threads: jcatipovic 'at' hotmail dot com I should be reachable by PM, as well. Also, Mel and I will be at the Essex river race this Saturday (5/18) and glad to chat.
  8. josko

    How can I PM a member?

    I got the exact same problem.
  9. josko

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Janet, it's not that bad, and I'd be glad to work details with you, maybe even paddle down to Oak Bluffs with you. (From there it's a no-brainer.) Ferries will take kayaks, but parking is a problem, as ferry parking lots are 5+ miles away. You can park in our driveway, and we can get you a ride to/from the ferry. We can make it work. Pintail, there's no reason I couldn't take a Monday off, but won't know for sure until we pick a date.
  10. josko

    Paddling Woods Hole

    JRL, that's Boston LOW tide, not high tide between 0800-1000. (Why won't this thing let me edit my post?)
  11. josko

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Thanks for all the responses, folks. Here are some comments/answers: Ken, consider signing up for the 6/29 L2 ‘Intro to Woods Hole trip’ on 6/29. It’s designed for folks with no prior exposure to moving water, but some comfort with chop and the 10-12 miles we’ll do. Pru, I can take most weekdays off with a week’s or so notice. Mel will know her summer schedule this week. We're still hoiping that 'ladies to Woods Hole' event happens. Feel free to stay overnight, if that's convenient. JRL, (one way) Woods Hole to Edgartown is a longish, but totally feasible paddle. You want Boston high tide between 0800 and 1000, no winds with easterly components, and need to figure out in advance how to navigate across the three ferry channels. Very feasible and cool L3 trip. I’d be glad to provide details. Andy, think about the 6/30 Naushon rounding if you’re comfortable with 20 miles and 15 kt wind. Paul, let me know what weekdays work and I’ll be glad to take them off. Is an overnight an option for you? Kate, I can’t keep up with Mel anymore, either, (Tried Saturday, and got a pulled forearm muscle to show for it.) although Woods Hole is more about boat handling skills than about speed or endurance. As I said above, mid-week usually works for me, so feel free to pick one or a couple mid-week days, and let’s have at it. Dan, you are welcome anytime. We’d love to paddle with you again. So, it sounds like we’re not looking at an ‘NSPN trip', but rather folks who’d like to come down more or less on their own. That’s fine, and we’re looking forward to it. Feel free to contact us, but before settling on a date, let’s make sure wind and tides are in our favor. We’re looking forward to showing off our back yard.
  12. Just searched 'Woods Hole'. It seems for a number of years I've been trying to get nspn interested in paddling this area, to no avail. So instead of posting yet another invite, let me throw it up here for discussion. Is there interest in paddling this area, and if so, what's a good way to get a trip down here? Mel and I are getting to know the area well, and it does have much to offer. Out house has five bedrooms, large finished basement, plenty of lawn tent space, and we'd be glad to host.
  13. josko

    Mitts/Gloves for Spring/Fall

    I like NRS Maverick gloves with sea+air temps <80. They last ~50 (fitness) paddling hours, and work fine in sub-freezing weather. If it's too warm for them, I go to Glacier pogies.
  14. josko

    NDK Explorer Kayaks

    I have an '04 that's still going strong and in great shape.
  15. josko


    Here's some useful advice I got from USCG and Canadian Coast Guard: EPIRBS (and PLBs) are taken seriously and tracked down when activated. The responding agency is required to follow a false-alarm mitigation procedure, i.e. call the numbers in the registration, etc. This can add up to several hours before a responder is dispatched. When doing an Andros island circumnav, I was able to check in with the USCG Bahamas before departure, and they accepted my float plan (and physical presence/interview) in lieu of false-alarm mitigation. The officer was kind enough to show me how the system worked, from the screen in the dispatcher's office, to response gear on the SH60 helo used for the response. It's a state of the art system, quite expensive to operate. It's not meant for help with blisters. Similarly, in Nain, Labrador, the RCMP SAR coordinator also acceped a float plan in lieu of mitigation, but also asked that we check in with them on safe return. Both places actively discouraged me from using a commercial SAR beacon, explaining they are run by for-profit centers who earn money on rescue charges. Beacon owner purchases 'rescue insurance' along with the beacon. It is ESSENTIAL to understand what (other) persons that insurance alpplies to, and to whom it doesn't. if the accident victim is not covered by the beacon-owner's insurance, we're talking 6-figure rescue costs. Both Andros and Nain stations were awae of instances of very large costs levied on the rescued party. EPIRB response is paid for by SOLAS, funded by a a fee on international marine shipping traffic, They do not charge fees except in cases of deliberate fraud. Finally, I was told the above applies to the world's oceans only, and coverage ashore on fresh-water bodies is quite different. Generally, SOLAS operates on waterways navigable by transoceanic vessels. A hiking accident in NH would most likely be refered to anoher SAR entity. Also, an accindent at places like Charles river basin or Boston harbor, is much better handled bia cell phone/911 or VHF16. There is no reason to put a resource drain on the global SOLAS SAR system. I'd be glad to provide additional detail.