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  1. I'll join the group. dave
  2. Dave M.

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    I am not going to make it Saturday. Plans from last weekend got changed to this weekend. Stay safe and have fun.
  3. Dave M.


    I carry a ACR PLB which is registered with SARSAT. The registration is updated every two years , but I can update contacts at any time online. I started carrying for the same reasons as Rob, family and aging. It is not small so it's in the day hatch most of the time. SARSAT makes a point to only activate in a life or death situation. Otherwise you could be looking at an extremely expensive ride home. Response is not as immediate as direct contact with rescue agencies. SARSAT calls your contacts first to confirm emergency then sends rescue. there are areas along the coast of Maine where I have not had cell service and if the VHF fails or out of range the PLB is last resort.
  4. Dave M.

    2019 Pool Sessions

    I won't be able to make the 9th pool session. I am willing to either swap for the 16 or 24th, or I'll sell my spot for the 9th. PM if interested.
  5. Dave M.

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    I'm game if the drysuit is back in time
  6. 2013 NDK Pigrim Expedition 50/50: Deck is carbon and hull is fiberglass. Color: Quill over white. It has a long cockpit (36") for easier exits. Removable foam seat. Custom bulkhead for extra front hatch storage. Footpegs are available and rails installed. Light weight, fast, and easy to roll. Asking $2900
  7. Dave M.

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle Series

    I guess I'll just have to take some Wednesdays off.
  8. I'll bring a veggie platter and dip, beer
  9. Dave M.

    Where do you store your kit?

    One other suggestion: if you have the space, have Paul build a shed like the one he has.
  10. Dave M.

    Where do you store your kit?

    Kayaks are stored in garage- one on walll J hooks the other suspended from ceiling. Most gear is on shelves and in bins in the basement.
  11. Dave M.

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    I can relate to that. Got past the knee, then the shoulder (for now), and currently it's the neck.
  12. Dave M.

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Just downloaded a new weather app and as all the other sources predict moderate to high winds with significant gusts. I'm with Prudence not wanting to fight wind all day. I'd be interested in dining with everyone. I'm out Monday and Wednesday
  13. Dave M.

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Keep me in the loop!
  14. Dave M.

    NDK Pilgrim Expedition 50/50

    Bump $3000 or BO