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  1. Janet, Karen and David, thanks for allowing a “stray” to follow you all the way back to Ordiorne. yous are friendly folks DougW
  2. Planning to attend, L3 DougW
  3. Absolutely, Very interested and have a Stellar S18S G1 Flexible with days and times (advance planning required) DougW
  4. Looking to launch from here, and looking for an update on the parking. Last time ( last fall) there was a lot of construction and a long portage to get to the launch. Still a great place to get to the harbor , river and islands and looking forward to it DougW
  5. I’ll take the tow belt if it’s still available and maybe the Neo sport. How can we connect?
  6. Recently experienced a change in the parking at the Fort Point Channel Kayak/canoe launch site. The familiar parking lot is closed/ fenced off, as they are starting construction of a new building. Parking is now accessed off "A" street. Signs are posted. Automatic entry gate and pay by credit card ($5 weekend day) exit. Just like in an airport/parking garage. The result is a longer portage/walk to the launch, but no actual impact to the launch itself. Still a great way to access the Harbor The Other Doug
  7. Gene, I'm In, either location is OK The other Doug
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone The other Doug
  9. Looking for recommdations/ suggestions for where to purchase VCP/ Valley hatch covers. Saw an older post about Sea-dog covers, but also alot of poor reviews Appreciate the feedback The other Doug
  10. The story was almost as good as the movie...wait... it was real and I was there. Thanks Cathy for organizing and to all who shared the voyage...til next time Doug (the other doug)
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