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  1. Agreed. Kayak camping inspired me to get a Nallo 2 GT a few years ago. Tons of room in the vestibule plus being a mountaineering tent it can handle windy islands (as well as winter).
  2. jtmllr


  3. I prefer tents sized one extra person than will be in the tent so I can allot that space to gear and preserve personal space. So, for a tent for one person I would go for the 2 man, myself. Usually a two person tent is pretty intimate for those two people. Other than having to worry about the size of the footprint the tent has (for small island sites) room is good. Just changing clothes in a small 1 person tent can be a hassle depending on the shape.
  4. Gene, you can borrow my heat gun and anything else I have you think would be helpful (orbital sander to do some refinishing, but that's not even necessary). I can PM you my number if you don't have it. Heat guns are cheap but if you only need it for this there's no shame in borrowing. Jeff
  5. I put one on my Pintail two summers ago, tip to tip. It was very easy to do and I did it without a second pair of hands. Granted the keel line of the Pintail has no sharp bends. It might be trickier with something like a Tiderace. I haven't given it a thorough inspection lately but I haven't noticed gouges or delamination. I did use a heat gun as recommended, and pulled it up in a few spots while doing it so I could reposition better. It installed as billed and has held up too.
  6. Is anyone planning on going tonight or another evening this week?
  7. I plan to be there before 5 each time from now on.
  8. I haven't personally experienced the effect with my cameras other than at full sized view I can see the trees are a bit lacking of detail and have a similar effect with the D10 some times. I was just mentioning that some cameras might have poor internal software so that people might dig for serious reviews where someone has done various types of shots to test it out. I prefer to post-process myself, and have been very happy with Lightroom. I had version 3 for a year and a half, and 4 is out with a price that can't be resisted so I upgraded. It now lets you paint areas to apply sharpening and noise reduction (or greater amounts than you want to apply to the entire photo) as well as the gradient tool. Each is great at cleaning up the artifacts in the sky and clouds without ruining the rest of the shot. I will mention that the D10 does not provide TIFF let alone RAW, so you have to work with a lossy format from the start. But for a waterproof cam I'm happy with it. It's quick to change modes too. The OSD has large images so easy to read, and it has a very bright LCD for sunny days. I'm not recommending it, but I don't think anyone would be unhappy with it. I've not used any other waterproof camera other than for video (VIO POV HD). I don't take stills with that but I'll export interesting frames. Not nearly as good as a camera but at 30fps you can grab a lot of action to sift through, and at times you wouldn't be taking photos with any camera because you are very busy with conditions or trying to keep pace with your subject.
  9. I'm thinking of going out tomorrow. Hampton for surf (what's there) or Rye Harbor for the option of rocks and surf. If anyone is interested please reply and we can come up with a plan.
  10. I'm going to sit this out after all.
  11. Which day were you thinking of?
  12. I may do the Cape Ann circumnav instead. I'll check forecasts Thursday and make up my mind.
  13. Possibly. I'm missing the weeklies due to work until July so it would be good to get out.
  14. I've also not heard that Pierce is off limits in the summer. I don't see why it would be. I don't use it then because Odiorne is open then. I haven't checked recently but it may be open now.
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