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  1. Friday would be great for me. Bill H
  2. Great day, perfect weather, Fun Surfing, thanks for posting. Bill Harter
  3. Another place launch is Rye Harbor boat launch $10.00 parking fee same as Pierce Island. Bill Harter
  4. Back in 2006 my wife and I attended NH Fish and Game meeting for the same issue when we owned Seacoast Kayak. They invited us to come to the meeting for input. They were looking for new revenue sources to cover costs. I suggested that if we have to pay a fee we should have the same rights as boaters. At public boat launches create more parking for kayaks and less for boat trailers. I also suggested kayak only launch sites be put in. Most people went through the roof, this is when I realized they didn't care about kayaks and just needed more money. They never contacted us again. That was 13 years ago and I new the issue would be brought up again
  5. I will also try to attend some of these sessions Bill H
  6. Most surf shops stock shorty's For best selection check out Cinnamon Rainbows, Rt 1A, North Hampton, NH
  7. NSPN Cabin Fever Breakout Party, Saturday, January 30 Photos by Bill Harter
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