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  1. Hi All, Had a great paddle on the Parker River this past saturday although the put in was a bit hairy! I am planning on doing the Joppa Flats out of the Newburyport area this saturday or sunday. Planning to launch on low tide and ride the high tide back in (saturday @ 1:30 PM put in to 5:30 PM pull out, or, sunday @ 2:30 PM put in to 6:30 PM pull out). After the bit of climbing and lowering the kayaks by rope to the Parker River at the Middle Road launch, I hope to avoid any mountaineering with this trip. The Water Street Ramp appears to be usable and with plenty of parking by the C of C. Joppa Flat Ramps is reported to be quite muddy during low tide. Can any one offer any information about the best place to launch as this area is new to me. I have looked at the currents, I have looked at the charts. But any personal experience of this area would be greatly appriciated! J "Kayaking Mountaineer" D
  2. Good Morning, I am planning to kayak the Parker River this saturday and since I have never done this river I was wondering if anyone could tell me about it. I plan to put in at Middle Road just north of the Gov. Dummer Academy and proceed downstream towards Plum Island Sound. The tides look favorable for this morning trip. Any information anyone can offer would be greatly appriciated.
  3. Good Morning, Well, tis the season and with that I am looking for a good kayaking store on the North Shore that is open and stocked. I'm hoping to pick up some gifts for the paddlers in my life and have not been around the area enough to know the right stores to go to. Could anyone offer a suggestion? A place open on the weekends would be perfect. Oh and one that has gloves and paddling jackets would be good. Thank You so much! Happy Holidays JD
  4. Hello All, Well I won't bore you all but my wife and I have taken up kayaking and have been having a wonderful time on the flat waters around the north shore(ponds, lakes and rivers). We are very much up to exploring the harbors around Salem, Marblehead etc....but being novices we, we are a bit concerned about ocean kayaking. So here's the questions: Where can we get information about Ocean kayaking(tides, charts) How stupid would we be if we went out of Dead Horse Beach from the Salem Willows and followed the shore line around to Winter Island and back. And are there any trips planned in the near future with NSPN that would be good for people like us? Thanks for your time and I do hope to meet some of you out on the water. You can either reply to this list or hit me with an email at: jdionne@sleepmed.md Jim
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