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Holiday Party ~ The Aftermath


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It seems like people enjoyed the party ~ I am glad!

It was great to see people I know and some new faces.

By my definition the party was a success, great food & libations, wonderful company, many laughs and a phenomenal raffle that raised over $500.00 for MITA.

The party would not have been possible without the help of many people. I am thankful for the hard work of Cathy Folster who continues to set the bar higher ~ next year we may have snow falling inside...

I am also thankful for Janice Cotton's willingness to take on and lead the Reindeer Games.

Thanks also for those who came early to set up (Rob, Bob, Warren, Blaine, Peter and I am sure I am forgetting some) and for those who stayed late to clean up (Rob, Janice, Dee, Sue, Blaine and others that I am not remembering).

Everyone's contribution made the party - it wouldn't have been as good without your help.

For those of you who missed it ~ we missed you as well. We will have the date for next year's party by March/April and hope that more of you can attend.

Until then I'll see you on the water or at workshops or at Market Basket.... :-)

Be well and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

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