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Odiorne to Brave Boat


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A few of us are meeting at Odiorne to circumnavigate Gerrish. You are invited if you have the proper clothing (drysuit or wetsuit and paddle jacket) and are comfortable in a Level 3 paddle.

Tomorrow's forecast is for partial sun, a high of 49 and WNW of 8-9K with gusts of 12-13K. Meet at the west side of the bridge at Odiorne (the boat launch is closed) at 11:30am for a noon launch. Paddle up the Piscataqua harbor into Pepperrell Cove and circumnavigate clockwise. Chauncey Creek, the marsh and have food at Brave Boat and paddle the ocean side to Wood Island-take a break before crossing the Piscataqua back to Little Harbor.

put-in: http://www.gmap-pedo....com/?r=5727453

HT is 2PM and LT 8PM. distance about 13mi.

RSVP here!

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