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Ladies Paddle 09/16


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A tenacious trio departed from the town ramp @ 9:30 and enjoyed a leisurely paddle down the river while practicing paddle strokes. We meandered so many different places I couldn't keep track...

We explored Walker Creek, lots of inlets, touched (kind of) Coffins Beach came back and made the crossing to Hog where we had lunch around 1:30.

From there we explored some more and had a not-so-leisurely paddle up the river (sorry, Florrie and Janice).

Trip was notable for animal sightings: 1 seal, too many egrets to count and numerous Heron.

When I got home I noticed my face was crusted with salt; there must have been waves, spray, wind somewhere...

And so the first season of regular Ladies Paddles comes to a close.

Thank you to all who participated and I think the people who were on all of them should get a fancy NSPN jacket... Do we have any fancy NSPN jackets?? :-)

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Thank you Katherine! This was my third Ladies Paddle that you've organized and all of them have been great. What a great day - lots of sunshine, lots of birds -and the seal :) My face was crusted with salt too! I think it was heading over to Coffins and then Hog Island that we got splashed. So Florrie, what do you come up with for miles? We had a nice long paddle. See you soon and thanks again Katherine.


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Yes, thank you Katherine for this great season of Ladie's paddles, they were a fabulous addition to my summer! So girls, I would say with confidence based on the technical string and chart mileage method that we did 13 miles. Yup, and adding the agreed upon 10 miles for those gale force winds puts us at a virtual 23 miles. Felt like that, didn't it, Amazons?! Thanks again Katherine!

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