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Werner Camano Paddle

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I'm thinking about purchasing the above paddle, but before I do, I'd like to try it out in some water. The logistics of trying it in real water might be difficult, but perhaps someone has one that they would be willing to bring to either the Beverly or Ipswich pool session that I could try? Many thanks in advance...

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Deb & I will be at the Beverly session Saturday. You can try my fibregalss Camano out then if you'd like.

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Now that I am trying out greenland style paddles, I can feel the difference in the 'softness' of the wood vs the stiffness of carbon fiber. It's a little jarring.

However, most people would say that the Camano is 'the' all purpose paddle and probably a good choice for a first paddle. It is a little 'noisy' on it's entrance to the water, it's too big a blade but has a nice exit.

If I was getting another carbon, I'd go with the epic light touring or the NEW little dipper by Werner before the Camano. Also you might want to consider the small shaft.

Hope that helps.


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