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The Outta Hahbah Islands, Saturday 7/21


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Late interest produced an octet jockeying for parking at Deer Island yesterday in what promised to be the best weather in quite a while.

We comfortably launched at 11 off the west (rocky) side, sliding down to the buoys. Surprisingly little traffic allowed an easy channel traversal to Lovell's east coast.

Very mild chop and light winds allowed an easy group decision to head east to the Brewsters, where we were treated to the royal tour of Boston Light by a quartet of USCG Auxiliary staff; we scrunched onto their picnic table for a fine lunch under a perfect sun.

We circled the Brewsters en masse, then splitting to pods of 3+5 to allow a leisurely return for the trio from Calf as the quintet grabbed the chance to paddle through the invisible

Roaring Bulls to The Graves...or what's left of it at high tide. We were able to circle up against the light completely, playing hide and seek in the myriad paths created by the remaining "islets" of rocks. A few seals were sighted, and a perfectly-camouflaged large basking "rock" slid into the drink just a dozen yards ahead. His massive head reappeared a mere 6ft off my bow, where his studied expression of nonchalance during our staring contest led me to believe this was HIS digs, so I backed away as others arrived and he submerged, only to be seen again sliding back up his sunny perch deeper into the rocks....

We returned leisurely along Calf, only to be surprised by a loud beach party on its west side that effectively postponed a needed minibreak. We decided against a landing on Great Brewster, admiring its cliffs rippling magnificently in the low sun. We spread out a bit and slogged back to the tranquility of Lovell, took a needed break, then paddled spiritedly to Deer, managing a careful ferry around only a couple of big-uns in President Roads.

A simple chart 'n string track indicates our quintet paddled between 14.5 and 15 mi. It was a fine day for snapping pics, but alas we'll all keep our own images of such a perfect paddle

resplendent with impeccable weather, a multitude of scenery, some historical lore, and indeed very fine company.

Thanks, mates, and to Al for not canceling!


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Great example of CAM working well. Lots of sharing of ideas and sensible decision making.

Carolyn, Bill, and I skipped Graves and paddled between Calf and Middle Brewster to the beach on the east side of Lovell. Just a few quiet groups there. Then around Gallops and toward the end of Long to get some help with the outgoing tide for the crossing back to the end of Deer Island. We were luckywith little significant boat traffic, but plenty of boats to look at. As usual the end of Deer Island was interesting with boat slop and tidal effects. Nothing to worry about, but fun, confused water that seemed as if it would always end 20 yards in front of you for the entire 200 yards of paddling.

Great day everyone.

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