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2012 Solstice Paddle and Potluck Party ! Saturday June 23rd


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Come celebrate the summer kick-off in style with NSPN!

This is our traditional summertime social event, and is held at Riverhead Beach in Marbehead, finishing with a pot luck party under the pavilion across the street at Devereux Beach

Traditionally this event consists of three paddling trips of differing levels, all leaving in the morning from Riverhead Beach in Marblehead, breaking en route for packed lunches. Various trips will be posted by members on the Trips forum.

We have have a L2, a L2+, and a L3 trips that day ....

Postings for each trip will be listed soon here on the trips forum Please RSVP with the Trip Initiator of the one you plan to attend.

The L3 trip: beach briefing at 9:30,launch at 10::00: this trip leaves the earloest and gos the farthest, a traditional destination is Bakers Island.

The L2+ trip : beach briefing at 10:00, launch at 10:30.. LIkely destination will be Salem Willows or Children's Island.

the L2 trip : beach briefing at 10:30PM, launch at 11:00 AM.: THis group and stays within Marblehead Harbor and Dolliber Cove.

all trips return around 3-3:30PM

Upon return in the afternoon (most likely 3 - 3:30PM ), all groups pack up their gear, change and collect under the pavilions at Devereaux Beach across the street, and enjoy a pot-luck BB-Q style beach party for dinner! Non paddling friends and family are of course also invited to meet up with us there for the food friends & fun!

So bring your gear, your love of paddling, and a yummy dish to share, and help us kick-off the summer paddling season in style!!!

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Bob Levine and I will be leading the L3 group.

Be prepared for a beach briefing at 9:30 and a 10:00AM launch time.

A separate "Trips" forum topic has been posted for "sign ups"

See you there.


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Saturday's forecast at Marblehead is calling for a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms before 3pm. I don't mind the showers (prefer to be out of the sun), but the thunderstorms can be a concern. We will keep an eye on the forecast, which always changes by the minute. Is there a contingency plan (rain date) or will the trip just be cancelled altogether?

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We'll have a sharp eye on the weather tomorrow and will be keeping all options open, including shortening trips or, if need be, canceling the paddling and starting the party early. There is no rain date. Hopefully any thunderstom activity would be brief and we can just wait it out off the water, then continue when it's over. All part of why we love kayaking.


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