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Typical Maine Weekend


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Gail and I tend to spend Memorial Day weekend camping on islands along mid-coast Maine. This year only day trips. Still the on water experience remained about the same and typical. Some fog, some wildlife, sometimes on the quiet side of islands and sometimes not. This year great weather overall and pleasant paddling on mellow water.

Ed Lawson






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Looks like a nice paddle, Ed. where did you go?

Hi Rob. First day we went down the west side of Southport I. to the Cuckolds and back. Second day from near south end of Barters out to out to some MITA islands, down to Dogfish Head to see "the house", then over to Townsend Gut and back. Third day from East Boothbay out to Little Thrumcap I. then back by Thread of Life and South Bristol. Almost had ocean to ourselves and nice mixture overall.


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Hi Ed,

A few of us took a bubble bath off Seguin Island Maine on Saturday. LOL


Amazing how that stuff builds up isn't it? When you have a picture from in a bubble bath there is no doubt that you were around rocks and dynamic water.

I wondered about the Seguin paddle given fog, but from pictures it was not foggy there. Sure looked like a nice trip with typical rollers for area.

Picture of boat traffic out by Can 1 reminded me of how easy it is to get run down out there.


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