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Circle Gerrish/Cutts Maine


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Since moving to Kittery Point I may have done this trip at least a half dozen times or more with companions and solo. The very first time you wonder why anyone would want to do it more than once. Well each and every time is different. Today was no exception. Leon, Lisa, Sid and myself left the Kittery Wharf in Pepperrell Cove into a pea soup fog. We paddled east into a moderate ESE wind and rounding Fort Foster headed NE to Brave Boat Harbor. We were about 2 hours before high tide and the flood current coming in combined with many shoals and off shore rocks along the trip presented us with many breakers of not inconsiderable height. As we paddled more and more out to sea to avoid the breakers landmarks were now totally shrouded by fog and I was concerned we would have trouble finding Brave Boat. Fortunately Sid's chart showed all the shallows and shoals and we used the breakers as our landmarks. Its both peaceful and scary at the same time to be on a rough open sea in the fog when you can't see land. After stopping inside the harbor for lunch we headed back still in fog through the switchback marsh and into Chauncey Creek when the fog suddenly lifted, the sun came out and the sky turned blue. Off in the distance we could see New Castle still obscured by fog. What a beautiful varied and challenging trip with wonderful friends.

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I really enjoyed this trip, and it was also a good breaking in (not literally, fortunately) for my new stripper. There was some nice intermediate sharpish bump (2-1/2 feet(?)) in the shallower places, and there was a wonderful come 'n go quality to the mist. "Mustang Sally" was steady throughout all, and only a little stiff going around the hairpin turns in the creek. I did swing wide around the bigger breakers - she's not a surfer girl, at least not with me aboard (!)

Pictures from my camera and Leon's are here. I can't resist those misty, moisty seascapes! For once, those blurry spots in the picture above are not water spots on the lens, but little knots of ground fog.


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