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Lake Champlain...?


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I was wondering if anyone has done any kayak camping on Lake Champlain. Also wondering if the lake is mostly industrial or if there are favorite sections where one might see wildlife etc.

Any 'dead zones' in the lake?

I was surprised when my friend said it was only a couple of hrs from Sherbrooke Que, so was wondering if we could squeak out a multi day trip or better to hold out for the Great Lakes.


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Lake Champlain is a great freshwater location. I have paddled most of the NY side (west). With the exception of Plattsburgh the water quality seems good. Lots of wooded shoreline, private camps/homes and quaint towns to stop in. The west shore is mostly limestone cliffs are rocky beaches. If the wind comes up it can be challenging. The norther portion of the lake on the Vermont side has lots of islands many coves. I am not sure what you have to do if you want to paddle north of Rouses Point into Canada. Enjoy your trip.

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My wife and I did some camping on Wood's Island a few years ago. Its a small island west of St. Albans, VT with 6 or so remote sites. Short 1.5 mile paddle and a pretty remote experience once you get there. There are a few other islands in the general vicinity that are also good and I believe also have camping available. Certainly a beautiful part of New England...


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Thanks for the responses. It looks quite promising. I know remarkably little of that area so it will all be new for us.

The limestone cliffs sound nice and the islands on the Vermont side sound enticing and a nice place to practice some navigation as well.

We are good for passports and either language is fine for us, for that international feel to it. I think each of us always wants to paddle in the others country, so we could have some fun with that as well. (My friend who paddles Lake Memphremagog learned you can paddle the waters on either side of the border it's all about where you make your landings)

I think I will follow through with the link and get the paddling trail guide book, at 1st it seemed a bit pricey but as I think it through MITA is along the same price, so I might just redirect that expenditure this year. It's nice to see how the Maine Island trail has inspired the concept of water trails all these years.

Woods island area sounds nice ,think my wife is quite interested in checking it out with me at the nearest opportunity.

Been off the water, for the most part, since last Oct..the longest time in years,

heading for Azicohos Lake Maine in a couple of days for a few paddling overnights to see how that goes.

....thanks again for the ideas...

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