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HELP: Need Volunteers for New to Sea Kayaking Workshop


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The guys doing the advertising and posters for the New to Sea Kayaking Workshop have obviously done a super job. Maybe too super! Rather than the normally expected 20 or so, the rsvps keep coming and we reached our maximum of 73 (+ 7 staff) a week ago. They're STILL coming in and last count there were 7 more on the wait list.

Besides the presenters (Al, Les, Kevin) there are just four of us (Lisa, Rene, Ernie, and me) to manage both breakfast and lunch (bagels and muffins, coffee and tea at the start, and pizza, mini sandwiches, and salad for lunch after the presentations) as well as the slide show and the club table with nspn items for sale. No doubt the attendees will have many questions during breaks and afterward, and it would be a great help if we had a few more experienced club members around to answer them. There will be a bunch of boats out on the lawn, and no doubt they will generate a lot of interest and questions.

So PLEASE PLEASE, if you can spare a few hours, or two or even just one on Saturday morning 4/21, come help us make sure this event goes smoothly and lives up to the expectations of all these folks who we hope will become new members and our paddling companions. It can be argued that the NTSKW is the most important event of the year for NSPN. Without a continuous supply of new blood and fresh enthusiasm, NSPN would wither away.

If you think you might be able to lend us a hand, please email me at sunblaine@sunblaine.net.

Many thanks!!


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Fantastic!!! Thanks, Glenn! Great to have you on the team.


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