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Building a Surfyak

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I'm in the process of building a plywood and fiberglass surfing kayak - a version of Ralph Beer's "Surfyak II". I set up a photo journal of the building process if anyone is curious about this boat:


Just click on the first picture and then scroll thru if you want to read the descriptions that go with each picture. (Descriptions don't show up in slideshow mode.)

I'll be adding more to the album as I progress with the project.

Thanks to Bill Gwynn for the great photo site!

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Hi Paul: I'm 6'1", (33" inseam) around 195 lbs and with size 13 feet. I actually modified the bow volume a bit to allow room to fit my big feet comfortably. I think it will now handle a bigger paddler (weight and height) than myself.

I've installed fin boxes, but plan to learn to paddle it without fins first. I'll probably start using fins in it at some point.


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If you fit than I should just sqeeze in. I am always looking for a new design to build and I will try to check yours out if you are surfing it at a beach near me. thanks,

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It is done, except for the varnish or paint.The designer called it a lite duty river boat or a kids kayak. I was the one who saw the surf potential in it. I plan to try it out in the surf one of these weeks, but the ends are a little pointed for busy areas.

It is my 11-year olds boat......but I made the cockpit big enough for me.

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