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Kayak Rolling Clinic

Come learn how to roll your sea kayak or whitewater kayak.

It is a technique that every kayaker should try to learn.

Improve water confidence and skills with this clinic. Bring your own boat or use one of ours.

General Information

• Preregistration required.

• Beginner and intermediates are welcome.

• If you’re not sure if this clinic is for you, please call and talk to instructor about your ability level.

Goal: To introduce sea kayakers, touring recreational boaters, and

whitewater kayakers to the technique of rolling and progress forward with

other types of rolls to adapt to different situations.

Objective: Participants will be introduced to:

1) Learning proper boat fit and adjustment for effective rolling.

2) Learning safe and effective wet-exit technique.

3) Learning the Bow / T-Rescue.

4) Learning techniques for effectively rolling the kayak.

5) Learning proper body positioning and head placement for executing a

safe and reliable roll.

6) Learning the mechanics of a roll.

To Register:

If anyone does need any gear or boats please let me

know before the first class so I can make arrangements to have

them at the facility. Call (207) 283-0841 ext 4210 or e-mail me at


6) Lifejackets are required in the pool at all times during all Biddeford

To Register ---- call (207) 283-0841 ext 4210 or e-mail bdunphe@biddefordmaine.org

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