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glost-ah hahbah

rick stoehrer

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Park and played at blynman on max ebb....break in/out and just ride the swell up. Wind was blowing pretty much bang on outta the sw so naturally we paddled right up w side of the harbor out to normans woe...and surfed back in very short order.

i recently bought a reeds dry top and unsolicited plug - it's pretty wonderful. dry, you can move nice in it and it's toasty warm. as we're in that whole cold weather paddling thing....had that top, a fleece underneath, a wool cap, a pair o fuzzy rubber long pants and mukluks with wool socks and i was a toasty gent. getting on close to the end of the season for that getup but yesterday it was perfect.

...and naturally had a warm ass hypo kit, igloo and then a coupla really keyed in paddlers with me....which is the BEST piece of emergency gear after all.

finished with a cuppa at the lone gull - great day on the water!

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You loose piece of flotsam, you! Why on earth didn't you tell me 24 hours beforehand that you'd be in the area? And with friends in tow (parallel or in line-astern?), nog al!

Pah! I'd have made sure I was available...oy, vey. (I did get your message, though)

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