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Free Batteries for Standard Horizon VHF radio


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Well, I received my HX460S VHF radio back from Standard Horizon's repair department today with the grim news: water intrusion finally killed it.

Old timers will remember the group buy of these radios in 2003, many of which died due to water intrusion. Both West Marine (which is where I think Jeff C. bought them) as well as Standard Horizon stood behind these radios. I think they even responded to Brian N's gentle feedback on the design flaws. Anyway, this one lasted eight seasons in a PFD pocket or a day hatch without a drybag. Not bad.

Anyway, the radio is toast, but the Lithium Ion batteries may be useful as spares to anyone who has a similar model (there were several with the same chassis). I've also kept the battery from the other one that died three years ago in my emergency bag, and found it useful as a spare on the water.

I have two for anyone who wants them. If more than one responds, I'll share them. Specs: Part No. FNB-80LI DC 7.4V 1300 mAh.

The antenna is also available.

Also have the auto cigarette lighter adapter for charging this model in a vehicle, free to first responder. I originally had the AC adapter, but haven't seen it in a couple of years--or at least can't identify it in my box of several dozen anonymous AC adapters.


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