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View New Content from a specified date/time?


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I love the "View New Content" option, but have a problem.

In the morning I usually have my browser open a whole bunch of tabs at once, including NSPN. Before the end of the day, I normally get to each tab, including NSPN. When I get to the NSPN tab, I click "View New Content". Unfortunately, on days like today, where I connected to NSPN in the morning, but don't click "View New Content" until late in the day, instead of getting all the content that I have not read, I get a message like:

There are 3 new entries since Today, 10:11 AM

So basically, on days like today, I'm missing all the new content that occurred before I opened my browser tabs this morning. Is there a workaround? Some other way to get a listing of all the recent content without having to manually visit each individual message board? I'd be happy to manually specify that I wanted the new content from the last N days, or something along those lines. The board is just trying to be too helpful in my case.


Bill Voss

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