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OK, further pool sessions at Ipswich Y...

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2nd April, 9th April and 30th April are what we now have booked. Same time (1945 start -- that's 7:45pm for some of you) and the sessions are two hours, costing $15 members and, now that ACA rates have gone up, we'll have to charge non-members $25 to cover the insurance.

Those paddlers who have not thus far participated will get priority and how about we make the evenings semi-specialist, as follows...?

2nd: open practice for folks who have not had enough time in the pool or who have hardly participated;

9th: rolling practice with (hopefully) plenty of "spotters" available;

30th: general skills practice for newer paddlers who need to hone their wet exits, braces, rescues, etc -- also with "spotters" available in a generous ratio.

I do have interest already from a number of folks; but I now await their responses regarding dates (Jason Kates, Rick Colby, Jim Hurley, Amy Semmes and John Waite, John Puffer, Jim DeCourcy, the Stoehrers, Walter Mears, Kevin Beckwith, Alan of the Andromeda, Lois McNulty, Mysticbos and Michael Williams -- please write to me off-line: cdwg at centennialfarms commie)

Any input, ideas or specific needs, anyone? "Spotters" needed!!

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