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For 2011 Valley decided to introduce a new design into the Valley range, one that has more contemporary paddling feel.

Valley kayaks are traditionally “fish-form”. The Etain is more neutral, slightly Swede form. The Etain has slightly more glide and speed that is more noticeable because you are now paddling in a narrower part of the boat. There is a feeling of having less boat between you and the water. The other features are a hull that has shallow to moderate ‘V’ good initial stability, and moderate rocker to provide secure tracking but still enough to provide a lively ride.

The Etain also features a removable deck-pod storage-unit in front of the cockpit. Whilst holding the same as a regular 4th hatch/compartment, this gives the advantage, as it can be taken with you, while leaving the kayak at the water. The deck-pod is ideal for small items of safety-kit that you might always want close to hand. Other features of the Etain include a locking bracket situated behind the cockpit and a ergonomic cockpit.

The Etain is designed to as an expedition style boat with contemporary feel. It appeals to those who are already familiar with the performance of a Valley kayak and appreciate the quality of the Valley name.

Feel free to stop by Coastal Maine Kayak located in Kennebunkport, Maine 207-967-6065 to try the Etain

Boat Specs

Length: 17’6” (534cm)

Width: 21.5” (55cm)

Depth: 13.25” (34cm)

Weight*: 51lbs (23.5kg)

Ideal load capacity 140 to 260 lbs.

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