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NSPN, CAM On the water session , May 15th


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NSPN CAM on-the-the Water Session.

("Moving on the Water")

Sunday May 15th

Riverhead Beach, Marblehead MA

9:00 AM. Be ready ( that means dressed and equipped for the day, boats and gear at the ready!) As we first need to have everybody together to sort our groups, its important to be on time.

PLEASE NOTE: it is unlikely, but this venue may change based on weather conditions for that day. We'll try to update, with marine forecast etc. no later than Thursday evening.

Lead Presenters will be Scott Camlin, Rick Crangle, and Rick Stoehrer.

We will break into three groups/pods , and practice beach briefings group launchings & landings, rescues, tows, and moving together as a group

The general pattern for the day will be for pods to share beach briefings, launch & land together, practice tows and rescues , with regular debriefs, ( after landing or while afloat, depending on things .) We will have the option to break into more/smaller groups, or make fewer groups, based on attendance.

It will be fun!

Bring what you need for the whole day. Food, water, sunblock, insect repellent etc. Charts and compass recommended but not essential.

Helmets also needed, as we'll be near rocks, and landing here and there .

We'll try to have some extras, but if you have them , bring them!

Workshop will run from 9 AM till about 4 PM.

Feel free to continue with RSVPs.

See you Sunday!

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