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Nav Work- something to do on a cold, snowy day


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If you want something to do on a cold and snowy day that doesn't involve shoveling, how about doing a little navigation work? John Carmody has been helping at the nav workshop and he has come up with a bit of homework for this Tuesday's session.

If you feel like giving it a try - here it is: (Use Casco Bay Chart 13290 or International Sailing 101E)

An Imaginary Trip On Casco Bay:

Starting Position: 043 46’ 25” N, 070 07’ 16”W

Start by traveling on a course of 110M and doing the best to paddle a straight line. After a bit, you see a green can at a bearing of 043M.

What is your position at this point (Latitude and Longitude)?

How deep is the water?

What is the bottom like?

After travelling on the same course for a total of 32 minutes, you come to a small island.

What is the name of the island?

What was your approximate speed of travel over the distance traveled?

From this point, you change your course to 145T and paddle at the same speed using the island you just left and a course marker on the SW end of Whaleboat Island as ranges.

After paddling for 10 minutes, a fog bank overtakes you. What should you do?

After 20 minutes of travel, the visibility improves dramatically and you alter your course to 243M.

You have an emergency at this point and must give your position to the Coast Guard. How can you give them the most accurate location and what would it be?

You quickly sort out the emergency and continue paddling on the same course until you see pilings in the water on a bearing of 282M.

How long did this leg take?

At this point, you alter your course to 193T and paddle for 12 minutes.

Describe your location!

E-mail me your answers if you want confirmation! Have fun!


suzanne dot pritchett at comcast dot net

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