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Ipswich pool in March!!


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OK, folks, we are for March, too, with these following dates:

5th/12th/19th. Put-in time: 1930 (7:30pm) -- be early, please.

Those who have indicated already that they wish to participate had better, please, send money to me (the address at Centennial Farms is under the post for Jan/Feb pool sessions just down the page. Since publicly asking about interest a couple of days ago, these three further sessions are also filling fast, so let me know asap.

Reserved thus far:

Pritchett/Maas/Lewis/Rozelle/Gwynn/DeCourcy/Reynolds/Beckwith/Hazard/Foley/Cornell/Flint/Neumeier and probably self. Deborah R. is not participating in very first session and Jim DeC can only manage the last session, so there are some small differences between dates; but for the mostpart, paddlers are taking all three dates...

RESERVE NOW!! I have no money taken in for these latter sessions yet, so send soon. Likewise those who have not paid for the earlier sessions yet -- and there are several of you (shall I make names public? No, perhaps not -- yet!)

Note from my mentor (she wrote it!):

Are you ready to practice your roll? Do you want to perfect your

re-entry technique? Are you afraid that time spent without practising a high-brace will leave you high and wet? Or do you just miss being in your boat?

All of our pool sessions this year will be the "Open Practice" format

where you can learn from your peers. Things that can be practised in a pool include skills, techniques and strokes that do not need an expanse of water, such as:

* Wet exits;

* Rescues, assisted and unassisted;

* Equipment testing, exploration, shakedown, usage or just getting

comfortable, for example, using a paddle float for rescues;

* Strokes not needing an expanse of water, such as draw and pry;

* Rolling, bracing, balance bracing, sculling, etc.

Equipment for pool sessions, includes:

* PFD -- required for anyone in a boat in a pool session.

* Spray skirt -- required for the vast majority of skills to be


* Paddle float -- optional, for rescue practice, rolling practice, etc.

* Pump -- optional for practice involving capsized or swamped boats

* Goggles or a face mask -- highly recommended for practice that

involves immersion, since chlorinated pools can be hard on the eyes.


NSPN requires that payment for the pool sessions must be made in advance of the pool session. Your Registrar will provide you with the details that you need to know. Pool sessions are non-refundable.

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