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Surf Session / Easy Tune-Up Paddle - Sun Mar 27


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Time to get back in the boats. Easy surf session/tune-up paddle just to stretch the muscles and get back into more regular paddling. The tides are not favorable but the weather forecast looks nice. There should be some easy surf to play around. If not, we can just paddle down the beach.

March 27

Launch: 10:30 a.m.

Put-In: Seabrook Harbor Parking lot on Rte 1A

High Tide: 6:23 a.m.

Low tide: 1:12 p.m.

Weather forecast: Sunny with a high of 39 degrees. Wind 8-10mph

Drysuit or winter weight wetsuit mandatory.

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I'm a maybe. I'd be up for an easy paddle but am also concerned about dumping in pretty cold water. Surf has to be fairly mild for me this time of year.

Hi Cathy,

Distance and early launch on a Sunday probably leaves me out.

Have fun!


Tuesday (29th) looks even a bit warmer and winds only at 8 knots. A reprise at Tuck's? Will post later if weather holds.


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I wonder how it all played out because Fri there was surf as far as the eye could see off Salisbury State Park looking south. ....Same from Sandy Pt State park looking at Cranes and beyound.

I might take a drive over to Hampton today to see how the conditions match up with the forecast.

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