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St. Paddy's Day Paddle


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T'was a grand day for a paddle on Salem Sound. The sea was emerald in color. Three lads Phil, and Ern and me self set out on a gentle sea from the harbor called Manchester by the Sea. Be glory know ye shan't confuse this storied spot with the grimy one in our sister state called New Hampshire. A short stop at the Miseries paid homage to those gentle souls who went before us before making a heading to Children's in some mild chop into a light headwind. After a lovely repast regaled with stories by the Honorable Ern we passed through some rocky shoals leaving behind the pixy dust we sometimes call gelcoat. We sped back with the same gentle wind at our back to the Gooseberies, and around the North side of Baker's. Paddling between House and Ram there was surf to catch (Phil) and miss (me). Entering the harbor and spying some clammers I decided to diembark on the sandy/rocky beach near the Pavilion whilst Phil and Ern, true Mariners both understanding the vagaries of tides and such went to the backside of the parking lot by the trees where they left their estimable autos. Their trek knee deep in the mud flats was not witnessed by yours truly but only heard about in passing.

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Glad you guys got to go paddling. What a beautiful day !

It found my wife and I paddling around in Great Bay NH and of course some advanced picnicing...

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