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Closed Beaches


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Per Spider's earlier post, Pavilion Beach is closed and clased to parking too. I heard they just opened some clam beds this week, but as of last night beach still had bright orange signs by order of Ipswich Health Department.

I was hoping to go out for a couple hours this week during warm weather if it isn't windy. Does anybody have updated info on the status of NH and MA beaches? And what's Lane's Cove like these days after the damage, etc.?



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I and two other intrepid travelers used Lanes cove as a resting point during a Camp Ann circumnavigation yesterday. The walls have some damage, it is serious, but not as extensive as it could be. However,the cove is as navigable as it was before the big storm.


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Thanks for posting about the closures, I was wondering if they were open yet. I wanted to paddle out of Pavilion (Ipswich) Thursday but we are planning to paddle Great Bay NH instead.

I am told that the filters are about the size of a half dollar. Aside from the big ewwww/eck factor of them, I wonder how many of them are going to wind up "in the food chain"

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This just in from Ipswich Police Department email:

Advisory Message has been issued by the Ipswich, MA Police Department.

Wednesday March 16, 2011 6:34 PM EDT

Ipswich Board of Health has reopened Ipswich Beaches that were closed due to discharged disks.

Ipswich Board of Health has reopened Ipswich Beaches. The beaches were temporarily closed due to accidentally discharged filters from a wastewater facility. The DEP has shown that there is little risk to the public and no disks have been located on Ipswich Beaches. If you see any disks contact the Police Department and do not touch them with your bare hand.

For full details, go to https://local.nixle.com/alert/4667254/?sub_id=319631.

Contact Information:

Eric Copithorne

978-356-4343 ecopithorne@ipswichpolice.org

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