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Haverhill Pool Session 2/26


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How unfair. Doesn't Doug know about the little button that lets you edit? He's not supposed to post the wet exit, only all of the successful rolls and balance braces that preceded it!

The "wet exit" was intentional so she could show us all how to "Cowgirl up" as she puts it. Be prepared, Sunday could produce a part 2 to this series.

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I have a few comments to make:

(i)Apparently Leslie <speaks> ferret, too, for I could hardly understand a word out of her mouth!

(ii)Do <not> (ever) let me see you throw away your paddle like that again, Miz Les -- you wretched little...ferret, you! Not in a pool, not on the ocean -- nowhere! (What an example to set!)

(iii)I suggest we start to call her, instead, "Giggles"? (I believe I may already have made this suggestion some years ago?)

See you tomorrow, Leslie? I look forward to it. ;^)

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