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Lanesville Seawall Damaged


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The seawall at Lanes Cove--a favorite NSPN putin--was damaged in the recent blizzard.

Seems the city intends to repair it.


Seems it was some storm: the buoy report for Jeffery's Ledge (20 miles NE of Cape Ann) shows waves in excess of 7 meters for six hours, peaking at 7.7 m (that's 25 feet) during the height of the storm. Now, that's off shore so imagine the height when they stood up in the shallow water of Ipswich Bay.


Maybe Liz can provide a first-hand account.


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Liz finally checking in. :-))

This seawall was knocked down in the 1978 storm and was only rebuilt about 10 years ago. I suspect it will be a while before it gets rebuilt. Yes, Brian, the structure was undermined which means a very expensive repair. BTW, the "submerged breakwater" across Sandy Bay from Rockport harbor is also deteriorating, leading to much greater storm damage in Rockport. That is going to be a BIG problem.

We won't lose access at Lanes Cove. The real danger is to the fishing/lobster boats that moor there. With less protection, a big storm could cause problems but that rarely happens in the season when more boats are in the water.

The storm was LOUD, and dark. Power was out here at the clubhouse for about 18 hours. My wood stove in the basement kept things warm enough. By morning the rain had taken away most of the snow that fell. That often happens in Lanesville's micro climate. My friend's house in Magnolia suffered $80-100,000 damage - not covered by insurance. UGH!

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