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There is an excellent article in this Dec 2010 Sea Kayaker magazine by a fellow Soloing the Northwest Coast of Vancouver Island.

Apparently he builds skin on frame kayaks and teaches primitive skills and paddling.

He travels with next to nothing for food, very modest in his writing. He spent a month paddling up there not setting any speed or endurance records. His boat was a friends skin on frame weighing 28lbs ( he deemed his own boat to be to small) Living off the what he catches or happens upon as he mentions in the beginning of the article.

This fellow is way beyond my skills but it sure is nice to read of someone who can do this and travel with the rhythm of the seas.

Apparently he runs a school and has a website http://www.seawolfkayak.com/ I didn't see his article on the webs site but just happened upon it when I brought a random issue of the magazine.

His article was "31 Days of Rice, Butter and Lingcod"

Perhaps others are familiar with him but it was all new to me, thought others might enjoy reading it.

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When I read it, I was suprised that I hadn't run into him as I was paddling the same coast at the same time.

I didn't do any fishing from the kayak... One, I was wondering what would happen if something a lot bigger decided it wanted the fish on my line and two, as a solo camper, I wanted my campsites to have as little attraction as possible to local foragers. Bears and wolves at most every campsite and frequently, there were cougar prints on the beach.

I really like his boat. It is a credit to the strength of the construction style. My fiberglass Nordkapp took a fair beating over the course of the trip and the roughest section by far was the segment described in this story.


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