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2010 School of Hard Knocks Award: Nominations welcome!


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This is a fun little award, created in 2007 , which will be presented at the Holiday Party, to celebrate the club member who suffered the most damage to dignity, limb and property while paddling.

Last years award went Lisa Huntington (drove her car into a low garage with a kayak on top , or something like that)

2008 Karen Gladstone: (boat tied to a dock, ripped apart by rising tide )

2007 Peter Brady: (caved-in hull on rocks flowed by barnacle abrasions on hands).


if any of you have any 2010 tales of woe involving busted boats, boats flying off of cars, paddles run over in parking lots, bodily or psychic injury, keys locked in cars, or any other kayak misadventures , please share them here. Or you may send a personal message to me if you desire confidentiality or wish to preserve some measure of dignity to the nominee, at least until the party when the inevitable indignities will be administered.

"Lifetime achievement" (serial incidents over the course of the year ) will be considered .

Please submit stories/nominations by Thursday , so that the award (a rock with winners names inscribed) may be prepared in time for the Holiday Party

Wishing you a safe Holiday season!

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...is that the cause of the patch in the bottom of my Anas Acuta? ;)

no, Tyson, hull insult resulting i award was to another boat. Patch in anas was not an injury or hole, rather an odd, unexplained, dimple in the hull, so patch was done to make hull true and undimpled again.

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