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NRS Sale Items


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Saw some items on sale at NRS:

Pro-Tech Ace Water Helmet $26.95


Lady's Ultra Jane (with relief zipper) $99 in blue/black


We have both products: they are top quality and cheap at these prices.

Also saw some warm fleece garments, but have not tried myself:


No stake in NRS, just good folks with good products.


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Hey Scott,

Upon CRCK's rec I chased a new design full-zip Neosport Farmer John 3mm "power-stretch" wetsuit, only to find them closed out (?) at rei-outlet for only $99. By the time I ordered they were down to only a small. Since I'd never seen the product for sale earlier I suspect they were selling pre-production samples.

Both nrs and rei are famous for dumping S and XS stuff as advertising leaders.

Hope to see ya Nov 7.

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There was one at 26 but it had these pink helmet straps. Maybe it has sold out already.


Alas, only in BEIGE L & XL!


I did think to check colors and sizes and there were plenty of choices. Didn't check the prices: the good ones are $39 and $44, not $26. Sorry.


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