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Long Sands, York, ME


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Very nice off shore break zone with chest high waves this day. No other yaks on the water save plenty of board and paddle board surfers. I experienced a first; three window shades on a single run. After being unceremoniously dumped the first time my paddle was still in the bracing position and I popped right back up. Didn't have time for a stroke before I was dumped again and popped up the same way again. Now I was feeling pretty good: How to roll without really trying! The third time was pay back: I was close enough to shore and in the washing machine. Two attempts failed and I needed to wet exit. This all raises a question in my mind: If the capsize is in deep water, either the roll is easier or with the help of the next wave can be almost automatic? I'm sure from shore it looked like I was rolling but all I did was leave the paddle perpendicular to the hull and let the energy in the wave bring me upright. Conversely if you're too close to shore when you capsize the back flow from the beach may make it very difficult to roll. Anytime I've had to wet exit it was in shallow water. I usually don't have the presence of mind to simply stick my paddle vertically in the sand and hip snap up. Wish I could remember that. Hope to go back soon but may wait for 2' or less this time.

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