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Carpe Diem Symposium 2010


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Looks like you had a great time.

While there was exciting paddling to be had and top flight instruction (in a typical class your head just starts to shut down due to the overload of info and later you spend hours going over all the stuff you were exposed to), one of the really great things about this event to me is the overall "feel". Beautiful surroundings, varied waters, and paddlers of all abilities and interests mixing with coaches of varied backgrounds on the water and off. The overall feeling is that it is a group of paddlers going paddling and learning and having fun together. All the usual distinctions between this and that tend to disappear and become meaningless. Lots of conversation that is not even about paddling as such, but at the core everyone, from world class to beginner, is just a paddler sharing their experiences and knowledge of paddling with other paddlers. Or so it seems and for that Mel and Mark deserve praise and thanks.

Ed Lawson

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Ed is so right! There is a very special feel to the Downeast Symposium. Though the location is killingly beautiful, Mel and Mark have established such a snese of community. I've gone each of 5 years, and any year we've convinced someone new to attend the response is always "this is great! Why didn't I come sooner!"

I've posted some photos on webshots: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/578579156JVhGeY

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