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So Doug's pictures enticed me out to Odiorne Point and Wallis Sands for an afternoon's paddle. I deluded myself into thinking I would be paddling in "bump" even though the buoys showed lesser swell. So off I went in an unfamiliar boat to see how it worked. Seeing spray over the breakwater gave pause that perhaps dressing for immersion would have been a good thing. Up to Odiorne Point which seemed shrouded in a mist...could it be from wind and breakers?

On around dodging boomers and coping as best I could with with some evil combination of confused water mixed with wind waves and swells as I tried to discern what the boat would and would not do before it told me.

Suddenly I hear squeals of delight. What? I must be losing it. Then more laughter and louder.

Suddenly off to my left, gleefully romping through the seas were two bikini clad teenagers on a jet ski. They quickly passed me and where off down the coast leaving me with the realization of just what a timid woodland creature I am.


Ed Lawson

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