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REPORT...Odiorne on the Rocks to Rye Harbor


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To sum it up, it was like playing in a bath tub filled with reef garden inches below you. Five if us ventured down the northern coast of NH yesterday. The water temp was at 60 and air was dry and warm with a slight breeze seemingly timed when needed. 13 miles of my favorite paddle this year. I forgot how beautiful New Hampshire's most precious State Parks truly are.

Check out the pics.



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What was going on in the two pictures where it looks like a beach ball is being towed?

As we approached Wallis Sands Beach Leslie & Scott (Frenchy) spotted the giant beach ball adrift.

After performing an assisted rescue of the "Unidentified Floating Object" Leslie attached a short rescue line to it and with Frenchy at the lead, delivered ball to some children playing in the water a few hundred yards ahead.

The rescue concluded successfully to the relief of the crowd observing this nail biting event from the shore.


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Great day. Conditions were perfect for learning a bit about rock play. Even though bump was mild, there were plenty of challenges requiring serious boat control. I may do Gerrish again tomorrow or just paddle North up to the Yorks. All are welcome to join.

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