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Gerrish Island Circumnavigation


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Nine of us launched from the Odione State Park boat launch, paddled our way out to the Piscataquag River, crossed in a pod over to Foster Park in Kittery then meandered north along the ocean side of Gerrish Island. Today that stretch and the entrance into Brave Boat Harbor was quite passive. A leisurely lunch at Brave Boat Harbor was followed by the exercise in boat maneuverability as we S-turned our way through marsh to Chauncey Creek. At the end of Chauncey Creek we paddled up to the Foster Park pier then cut over to the island with the old abandoned Coast Guard station for our last break before crossing the Piscataquog and back to the boat launch under slightly ominous clouds. The seas were mild today, but a good group to paddle with.

Link to my pictures. Scott


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Nice pics Scott. This trip had more variety of conditions than I had imagined. Even on a mild day the current from the Piscataqua added some bump. This trip is similar to the Castle Neck circumnavigation but actually more varied. Too bad Brave Boat was timid yesterday. Thanks to Doug for calling this.

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Yup, nice pictures and nice folks.

We wound up going back to that place on Chauncy Creek for lobster when we got done.

Very casual, never would have known about it if we didn't paddle right past it.

Great day to be out and about !

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