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Jim Obrien Raffle on NPMB


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I just wanted to pass this along to you all...not certain if any of you kenw Jim or not....but there is a huge outpouring of suport around this incident that happened back in March


I contacted Rob Larkham and was able to send a check in for a couple of tickets....

It has taken lots of work and more time than I had wished but with the help of Dave Peirce from Friends of the Keystone Arches Inc we are off the ground with the Jim O'Brien Outdoor Achievement and Scholarship Fund Raffle. I have called on a few elves from around the region to help me get tickets out to those who would like them. As soon as they have the tickets in their hands I will post who has them. The tickets are $10 a piece. At the present time I have about $7500 worth of prizes. I will put the full list together soon and post it.

The drawing will be at deerfield Fest Saturday July 31st. Anyone who had offered gifts that I have not talked to recently, please contact me. I'm very excited to have this up and running. It is a great cause that will help keep the memory of a great man alive.

more info:



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